Is my data secure when trading on WebTrader?

Yes. All transmitted data when trading on WebTrader is securely encrypted at all times.

How do I add a new Forex pair in WebTrader?

Go to the Market Watch window in WebTrader and right-click. Select the option for ‘Symbols’. Click on the (+) sign in the top left corner of the Symbols window. This will open the ‘Add New Symbols’ window where you can select the Forex pair you would like to add. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes.

Can I be logged into the same account on WebTrader and Desktop Terminal simultaneously?

Yes. If you are on the go or away from your Desktop you can always access WebTrader from any device with a web browser.

Is it preferrable to use run WebTrader on Chrome or Internet Explorer?

WebTrader will operate equally well from any web browser including Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Wiil the login credentials I received when opening my account work to login to WebTrader?

Absolutely. The same account number and password used to login to Desktop Terminal will also work when logging into WebTrader?

My WebTrader isn’t loading. Can you please assist?

Please check your internet connection to ensure it is connected properly. WebTrader simply needs a web browser and a functioning internet connection to operate. If you still are experiencing any issue, please contact our support team.

Can I trade on WebTrader from my tablet?

Definitely. WebTrader can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and web browser including tablets.

Is there a cap on the number of products I can trade on WebTrader?

No there is not a cap. All CFD products are broker offers are available on WebTrader and can be activated from the Market Watch window if not visible.

Can you confirm the time zone setting when trading in WebTrader?

The time zone is EEST which is GMT+3.

Can I implement line studies on WebTrader?

Yes. Under the ‘Insert’ menu you can select options to insert Lines, Gann, Fibonacci, Arrows and more on the chart.