Cookie Policy

1. Use of cookies on Graphs247 website

To provide users with an enhanced user experience, we use cookies and other online recognition technologies, such as web beacons or pixels. You agree to the implementation of such recognition technologies by using this website or application.

2. Registered users

We use these technologies to make it easier for you to access websites and help offer personalized content. We will use cookies to ease your registration and remember your preferences to become a Registered User. Suppose you want to become a registered user. In that case, you will only obtain the advantage of registration if you accept cookies strictly required, including cookies used as part of the registration process.

3. Analytics and site statistics

We often use these technologies to collect information on the use of websites and data on their use. For example, to decide what articles and topics are of most significant interest and whether users can quickly locate content, we collect information about page visits and navigation. Likewise, to decide what content is of most interest to users, we gather information about which articles and videos are viewed and whether videos are viewed in their entirety. To produce different reports about the use of websites, we also use user details. These reports contain aggregated user data and do not classify users individually. If you are a Registered User, to understand what content interests you most, we can also collect information about your particular interests, including what articles you have read on the web.

4. Managing cookies on your device

You can control and manage cookies using your browser. Please note that removing or blocking cookies can impact your user experience, and some functionality may no longer be available.

5. Using your browser to control cookies

The majority of browsers allow you to access, manage, delete, and block a website’s cookies. Be aware that any preferences you have set will be lost if you uninstall all cookies, including the option to opt-out of cookies, as this feature itself requires an opt-out cookie to be put on your computer. The following links provide instructions on how to manage cookies for popular browsers.
• Google Chrome
• Mozilla Firefox
• macOS Safari
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
For information on other browsers and device types, please see or

6. Managing Analytics cookies

You can opt-out of getting your anonymized browsing history tracked by analytics cookies within our websites or applications. To learn more about their privacy policies and how to opt-out of their analytics cookies, we use the following service providers by clicking on the following links:
• Adobe:
• Google Analytics:

7. Cookie disclosure

The forms, categories, and purposes of cookies on websites are explained in the next section. By using these websites, you agree to the use for the specified reason for cookies.

8. Types of cookies

Session cookies: These cookies only stay in your browser throughout your session with the browser, i.e., until you leave the website.
Persistent cookies: these cookies remain in your browser for a set period after the browser session (unless deleted by you).

9. Categories of cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential to the website’s functionality and can not be turned off without blocking on-site functions. In response to your web activities, they are usually set, such as filling in forms, setting preferences, or logging in.
Performance Cookies: These cookies allow us to collect analytics to improve our site’s efficiency and functionality. Such analytics may involve measuring a page’s popularity, common trends of how individuals search around the web, and how much a particular function is used. Typically, we compile the data for analysis, but in some situations, to understand what concerns you most, we can collect data on the content you have seen.
Customization cookies: These cookies help us understand how effective our marketing campaigns are, and with customization, maximize your online experiences with Graphs247.

Advertising cookies: To promote Graphs247 services, posts, or events, Graphs247 can present advertisements to you on sites that are not owned or operated by Graphs247. The cookies are used to make you and your preferences more important to advertising messages. They also perform roles such as preventing persistent re-appearance of the same ad. These ads are intended solely to make you aware of the related promotions for Graphs247. Graphs247 does not sell the details to third parties at all. For more info, please see our Privacy Policy.