Bonus Agreement

1. A bonus will be credited to a client’s trading account once the below conditions are met:
• The customer is over the age of 18 and has full compliance status according to Graphs247 requirements.
• In order to receive the bonus, please read the following terms and conditions and sign or copy-paste these terms into an e-mail and send to [email protected] with the following words: “I, Mr./Mrs. XXXXX, account number, hereby accept the following terms and conditions of Graphs247 and would like to receive the Bonus”.

2. The Company offers different bonus schemes, from time to time, which differentiate in the size of the bonus in relation to the initial deposit in the Trading Account. The bonus shall become a part of the deposit for securing Trading Results, but shall not be available for withdrawal unless the Required Trading Volume has been performed in the Trading Account (the “Required Volume”). The Required Volume shall be equal to the Bonus amount received divided by Four (4), not counting any trades on CFD instruments, and Forex symbols with a pip value of less than $4 per lot.

3. These terms and conditions apply to all Bonus promotions referenced or listed on, affiliated sites, or distributed in any and all forms of electronic communication. Bonus will only be applied to one account and cannot be transferred between accounts.
Graphs247 reserves the right to change and/or cancel the terms and conditions at any time by posting the new guidelines on its website.
Graphs247 reserves the right to deny any client the possibility to take part in its Bonus agreement.

4. If the requirement is not fulfilled within 60 days (44 market days) from the deposit date, the bonus amount will be withdrawn out of the client’s account. If this should cause a margin call, Graphs247 will wait for a client to either deposit additional funds or close all of his/her positions.
For example: if an account is funded with $1000, and a bonus of $1000 is received, the trading volume of 250 lots (1000/4) has to be done to withdraw bonus funds and profits.

5. Bonus deposits are not pro-rated, and trading volume requirements must be met to redeem the entire bonus and profits amount posted before the eligibility of withdrawal. For example, if you received a bonus of $1000 on a $1000 deposit, you must trade a total of 250 standards lots to redeem the bonus amount.

6. The bonus and profits can only be withdrawn once the minimum trading requirements outlined above have been met. By accepting the deposit bonus, clients CANNOT withdraw the trading profit funds at any time and the bonus funds they received until minimum trading requirements have been met according to the restrictions.
A client may also withdraw the funds they deposited at any time, but not the trading profit and bonus until minimum trading requirements have been met. In case of withdrawing the initial deposit, the Company reserves the right to cancel any profits and/or bonuses left in the account.

7. By accepting the deposit bonus, the clients agree to these terms and conditions. Graphs247 maintains the right to change the terms of the bonus policy at any time. A notice will be given to clients via posting on the website or e-mail. Graphs247 will not be held responsible for the failure of a client to regularly review and confirm posted terms and conditions.

8. All bonuses received will be provided with the maximum leverage of 100:1 on the trading accounts.